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Information resources
MiSACbriefings provide resource material to further the understanding of the principles of microbiology and its applications.

1. Food from fungi (PDF)

2. DNA is the genetic material (PDF)

3. Guide to European biotechnology units (PDF). The complete set of 20 units in several European languages is available at www.archiv.ipn.uni-kiel.de/eibe

4. Fungi at work series
The mycologist, David Moore, has written four MiSACbriefings which explore the activities of fungi and their importance in nature and explains how these microbes are of considerable value to humans.

Click here to view the Fungi at work publications.

5. MiSAChelps give examples of responses to enquiries on various aspects of microbiology, particularly those related to practical work. Examples include Microscopy and staining, Media and culture methods, Investigations and Safe practice.

MiSAChelps (PDF)

6. MiSACactivities for practical work

7. MiSACmatters 50th Anniversary Articles.
2019 marked the 50th year since the foundation of the Microbiology in Schools Advisory Committee. To celebrate this, MiSAC commissioned a collection of over 30 illustrated essays aimed at secondary school teachers and students, on a wide range of microbiology topics. A team of expert scientists was assembled from those active in the microbiology world in the UK and internationally, who enthusiastically supported this endeavour. See also A short history of MiSAC page.

Click here to view the articles.

8. MiSACmethods provide technical information on selected topics.

9. Looking at Microbes (Document in preparation)

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Blue tongue virus Pseudomonas fluorescens Oxytricha sp. Penicillium chrysogenum Microasterias sp.
Blue tongue virus   Pseudomonas fluorescens   Oxytricha sp   Penicillium chrysogenum   Microasterias sp

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